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Philosophy of Life
: A Western Posthuman Identity: A First-Person Reflection on Life

Allan M. Savage

Journal of Philosophy of Life Vol.10, No.2 (August 2020):134-145




Most articles in contemporary Western philosophy are about research into other people’s ideas, it seems to me. However, I offer a first-person critical reflection on my own philosophical understanding and development of my individual identity in light of a posthuman context. Posthumanism is a philosophical movement within Western philosophy, but it is not, as yet, a philosophical movement as such. That is, unlike humanism, it lacks its own established history and tradition of thinking. A meaningful posthuman identity provides a fulfilling life for the believer as well as the non-believer through a perpetual process of acceptance and rejection of ideas and notions that arise within experience. When an individual is conscious of his or her changeable identity, which is the product of a philosophical autobiography, one can be at ease in an ever-changing world and at peace with oneself, I maintain.

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