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“Dehellenization of Thought” and the Philosophy of Life
: From the Viewpoints of Leslie Dewart and Masahiro Morioka

Allan Savage

Journal of Philosophy of Life Vol.8, No.1 (January 2018):20-34




Within his philosophy of life, I suggest that Masahiro Morioka is inviting us, at a basic level, to “think about thought,” which is an inclusive activity embracing all versions of philosophy as well as science. Only humans think philosophically, thus as an academic discipline his philosophy of life, to my mind, engages theunique quality of life, i.e., humanconsciousness. That is to say, his understanding philosophy of life, asan intellectual activity requires the human mind, within an historical and an evolutionary context, to recognize a unique “human self” and relate it to its environment without the aid of classical Greek philosophical categories. I suggest that Morioka’s thinking about nature, life and death, in the Western context may be compared favourably with the “dehellenization of thought,” as understood by Leslie Dewart.

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