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From Wisdom to Spirituality
: Serres, Polanyi and Complexity

Kyle Takaki

Journal of Philosophy of Life Vol.6, No.1 (April 2016):23-50



A prominent feature of modernity is the fracturing of disciplines and inquiry, separating what we know from how we know, and how these relate back to our own being. Knowing is not only largely separated from wisdom, it also tends to be divorced from a wider spiritual pursuit. In spite of this, there is a renewal of a spiritual sensibility that seeks to heal the fracturing of inquiry, exhibited in modern searches for a re-enchantment of the cosmos. These modern frameworks challenge tacit Cartesian divisions by accommodating knowledge and its integral relations to wisdom; oftentimes such frameworks are informed by a wider spiritual pursuit. The particular framework I propose is a rehabilitation of ancient philosophy as a way of life, which also crucially appropriates ideas from Michel Serres and Michael Polanyi, as well as ideas about complex-systems.

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